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Fred Rigby brings nature into the home with “The Everyday Collection”

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Featured image: Fred Rigby photographed by Renée Kemps.

The shapes and tones of nature have incessantly fascinated furniture and interior designer Fred Rigby. From his childhood spent exploring the sloped fields and verdant terrains of Dorset, Rigby has threaded a symbiotic connection with the natural world, transposing this into the fluid lines and tactile textures that characterize his work.

From his London studio emerge creations and concepts that draw us back into the grounded pace of nature, inviting moments of considered reflection on our place in the world.

The “Cove” seater photographed by Renée Kemps.

“I wish for those who engage and connect with my work to take a moment to slow down, to relax and to feel in some way connected to the piece,” says Rigby.

His debut capsule collection, “The Everyday Collection,” affirms this. “Over the past year we have all gained a greater appreciation and affinity to nature. I wanted to capture and truly celebrate this, softening the lines between indoors and out—bringing nature into the home and creating objects which reflect the fond landscapes we hold so dear, whilst being kind to these too.”

The “Tide” dining series photographed by Renée Kemps.

Each piece is designed to be modular, enabling customers to fluidly adapt and shift their design spaces with ease. Crafted exclusively with locally-sourced materials, each creation is informed by the organic silhouettes and textures of the natural world—from the circular “Raindrop” tables that are reminiscent of the pattern of raindrops in a pool of water, to the earthy tones of the “Cove” seaters.

“Raindrop” tables photographed by Renée Kemps.

“The Everyday Collection” is the first fine furniture collection that comes after a series of collaborations, which had seen Rigby create pieces for clients that include the Francis Gallery, jewelry brand Alighieri, and historical distillery Talisker. The diversity in his clientele is constant, having designed interiors and furniture for the likes of art foundation and Tuscan agriturismo Villa Lena, and Michelin-starred restaurant Leroy.

Whilst nature is his biggest source of inspiration, Rigby is also drawn to the works and philosophies of creatives as diverse as Salvador Dalì, Donald Judd, Ron Arad, Barbara Hepworth, and George Nakashima. This translates into pieces of furniture that are at once both contemporary—yet also celebratory of our humanness.

A “Cove” seater photographed by Renée Kemps.
The “Tide” dining series photographed by Renée Kemps.

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