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Rossella E. Frigerio

Rossella E. Frigerio is a writer and copywriter whose words focus on design, lifestyle, hospitality, and creativity rooted in purpose and simplicity. Based in Milan, her decades-long Asian upbringing and inquisitive spirit have shaped her distinct, cross-cultural vision that surfaces in her writing. She has advised and written content for international clients that include BEAR, the Michelangelo Foundation by Richemont, ISĒ, and BAV TAiLOR. Her writing has been published in all global editions of Design Anthology.


Work by Rossella E. Frigerio


Loughlin Joseph is a management bureau for editors and writers based in New York City. Founded by Ruari Mahon in 2021, we represent a body of language artists with roots in global publishing across style, culture, design, architecture, and business interests.

Linguists have long known that thoughts don’t just shape language, language shapes thoughts. Today brands are micro-media platforms in themselves, yet narrative remains underserved and overlooked. Products and imagery no longer speak alone. Our artists enable companies to articulate a distinguished, consistent voice through an approach that is integrated with values, identity, and positioning.